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64% Of Indian Employees Willing To Trade Workload For Lower Pay: Study

 64 per cent of Indian employees would willingly accept a workload reduction for a commensurate pay cut, according to a new global study by the UKG Workforce Institute. In addition, approximately 72 per cent of employees express that their manager’s support, encouragement, and leadership directly inspire them to exceed expectations in the workplace. 40 per cent of employees emphasise that having a supportive manager who is accessible yet avoids micro-management enhances their productivity levels the most at work. 

Managers wield significant influence over employees’ productivity and engagement, along with factors crucial for fostering a positive work environment, such as establishing trust, encouraging open communication, and demonstrating care for individual employees. However, the study also reveals that managers globally experience the highest levels of burnout, underscoring the urgent need for organisations to provide greater support to enable them to fulfil their roles effectively.

The report also reveals that 91 per cent of employees affirm that their managers provide actionable feedback to enhance their performance and establish clear performance objectives together. Additionally, 88 per cent of employees indicate that their managers appreciate diverse viewpoints, while 86 per cent feel empowered by their managers to execute their responsibilities effectively.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Sumeet Doshi, Country Manager at UKG, India, stated, “There is an emerging culture of promoting trust, transparency and accountability in workplaces across the world, and managers are the major driving force behind this shift. The study is reflective of this fact as it finds  91 per cent of Indian employees well-informed by their managers on leadership decisions, and 87 per cent of employees observing how effective their managers are in resolving conflict within the team.”  

“It is important to understand that in an organisation, change starts at the top. Initiatives and policies that enable a positive work culture cannot be sustained without the support of senior leadership. Therefore, 85 per cent of employees in India found themselves influenced by their managers to achieve work-life balance is a very positive indicator towards how managers are helping organisations adapt to a more employee-centric idea of ‘work’,” he added.

Furthermore, the study highlights that 89 per cent of Indian employees express high motivation stemming from challenges and additional responsibilities at work, while 84 per cent perceive their managers as caring and empathetic. Nonetheless, a significant portion, which is 78 per cent admit to experiencing job burnout, resulting in both physical and emotional fatigue. These findings underscore the importance that a majority of employees place on achieving a healthy work-life balance, prioritising it over financial considerations.

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