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Beyond Academics: Different Career Routes For PGDM Students

Beyond Academics: Different Career Routes For PGDM Students


By Dr Suresh Iyer

Beyond traditional academic roles, we know that any kind of post-graduate course opens up many possibilities in the workforce, and also helps candidates stand out from the crowd. While academic excellence can hold new joinees in good stead, it is also important to recognize the value of preparing students for diverse career paths.

For an educational institution that is committed to creating a holistic learning experience for their students combining practical and theoretical learnings, we can delve into the paths available for PGDM students after academics.

1. Corporate Leadership And Management

One of the most common paths for PGDM students to explore is the corporate route. PGDM students are well-equipped to be in leadership and management positions in corporate organisations of any kind, depending on their aptitude and interests. With a strong foundation in taught skills like business fundamentals and strategic thinking, their learnings can be adapted from industry to industry, allowing them to cover a wide range of verticals, and opening doors to new opportunities.

2. Entrepreneurship

Many PGDM students come into the course with a ready entrepreneurial mindset. With their newly acquired business acumen, many choose to step into the rocky path of entrepreneurship, either as solo ventures or partners. Courses on entrepreneurship, business planning and venture capital, taken during their time at university can further nurture and cultivate this spirit. Universities can also offer practical entrepreneurship experiences like incubation centers and mentorship and networking opportunities, allowing young entrepreneurs to receive guidance to turn their ideas into reality.

3. Consulting And Advisory Positions

PGDM graduates leave their university with strong analytical prowess, problem-solving skills, and industry knowledge. Skills like these are what consulting firms look out for, and graduates can then provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to their clients. Business Management School often collaborate with consulting firms to offer their students real-world, practical experience like internships and projects to give them insights into what their future careers might entail, and prepare them for successful consulting careers.

4. Social Impact And Non-Profit Sector

For those PGDM students with an affinity for social change and community development may elect to put their skills to good use in the not for profit sector and other social enterprises. With academic experience in ethical leadership practices and social responsibility, students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world. The not for profit sector is wide and encompasses a variety of issues that people struggle with. Pursuing a career in the social sector is noble and befits any PGDM graduate.

5. Research And Academia

For those students who feel that they have more to learn and are well suited to academics, business management also offers pathways to further studies like doctorate degrees. This involves rigorous coursework, research, and faculty mentorship to further develop their critical thinking skills and contributing to furthering the discipline of business management, and honing their skills to be the next educators and scholars of the discipline.

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6. International Opportunities And Global Markets

Business Management School propagates any international opportunities that might be available to their students. All of the above career paths can also be taken internationally. PGDM students in India are well-trained and absolutely capable of taking on challenges at a global scale. Starting one’s career abroad can broaden horizons and help gain cross-cultural and global perspectives. Multinational corporations, trade organizations, and global consulting firms can be a good starting point for fresh PGDM graduates to get their foot in the door for an international career.

As the business management landscape continues to evolve, we can see that PGDM students have numerous pathways to choose from, which enable them to tailor their education and personal interests to their career journey and professional ambitions. Business Management has been and will always remain a relevant choice for young professionals to compete, excel, and contribute to professional environments in various industries. Through a PGDM course they gain the necessary practical and theoretical experience to shape the future of business and leadership.

(The Author is the Director of the Aditya School of Business Management)

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