Home BUSINESS Citroen Basalt Vs Tata Curvv – Rise Of The Coupe SUVs?

Citroen Basalt Vs Tata Curvv – Rise Of The Coupe SUVs?

Citroen Basalt Vs Tata Curvv – Rise Of The Coupe SUVs?


There is a new segment emerging and it revolves around the rise of the coupe SUV. This was pioneered by the BMW X6 and now it has trickled into the compact SUV space. It is a mix of a coupe along with SUV-like ground clearance and design.

The way the roof tapers in is the clear design highlight here. The two new entrants are the Tata Curvv and the Citroen Basalt which are coming this year. Both follow similar design attributes but also look different in many ways.

The Basalt is based on the C3 Aircross while the Curvv is also based on the Nexon. The Basalt comes with a C3 Aircross-like front with a large Citroen grille while the Curvv also has the new Tata Motors look with a full-width DRL plus a large grille along with a pattern-like design.

Citroen Basalt Vs Tata Curvv - Rise Of The Coupe SUVs?

While the rear is similar in terms of design, the Curvv has a full lighting bar and a spoiler. The Basalt goes for a more square-shaped look along with the same theme applied in the wheel arch design. While both have design as their forte, practicality remains with a good amount of ground clearance being maintained.

Inside, both cars will have a different look as Tata has already revealed the dashboard of the Curvv while the Basalt will also get a similar look to the C3 Aircross. The Curvv will get features like a 360-degree camera, ventilated seats, wireless charging, connected car tech, a sunroof, and more. The Basalt will get features like a rear camera, automatic climate control, and more. 

The Curvv will get a 1.2l turbo petrol unit with a DCT gearbox and a manual, while there will be a 1.5l diesel plus a CNG version, which will come later. Of course, the Curvv will also get an EV version. Meanwhile, The Basalt will get a 1.2l turbo petrol similar to the C3 Aircross while there could be an EV version down the line. While both cars have a similar design, the approach is different but these two are a new addition along with being a new choice in body style for the compact SUV buyer. 


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