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OnePlus AI Eraser Image Editing Tool Announced. Here Are The Supported OnePlus Models

Handset maker OnePlus is introducing a new AI Eraser feature for its smartphones, representing the company’s inaugural venture into generative AI technology, powered by its exclusive large language model. This marks the beginning of a wider OnePlus AI suite, with the company teasing additional AI-driven functionalities in development. With this, OnePlus joins the likes of Google and Samsung.

Google initially pioneered AI-powered editing with its Magic Eraser feature, which was initially limited to Pixel devices but now accessible to users via a Google One subscription. Later, Samsung also introduced its own iteration of AI-driven photo manipulation through the Galaxy AI suite, debuting alongside the Galaxy S24 series, earlier this year.

What Is OnePlus AI Eraser

The OnePlus AI Eraser operates in a similar fashion, enabling users to pinpoint and remove undesirable elements such as people, objects, or imperfections directly from their photos using the Photo Gallery app. Utilising advanced AI technology, the feature meticulously analyses the selected areas and seamlessly substitutes them with a background that fits the context.

The rollout of the OnePlus AI Eraser feature will commence gradually in April, initially debuting on a range of select OnePlus devices, including the flagship OnePlus 12 (read our detailed review here), OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE4. However, it is uncertain whether the feature will be delivered through an Oxygen OS update or a dedicated update for the OnePlus Photo Gallery app.

According to a report by Android Authority, OnePlus is yet to clarify whether the AI Eraser operates as an on-device AI feature or needs an Internet connection.

“Empowering users with advanced, practical technology is our passion at OnePlus. We believe in the immense potential of generative AI on mobile devices, capable of revolutionizing productivity and creativity. AI Eraser, as OnePlus’ inaugural feature utilizing generative AI, is the initial stride in our journey to unleash user creativity via AI, transforming the landscape of photo editing. It empowers users to craft remarkable photos effortlessly. This year, we’re set to unveil more AI features, eagerly anticipating their release,” Kinder Liu, President and COO of OnePlus, said in a statement.

“Bringing together the power of AI and smartphones, we aim to enhance convenience and efficiency, enabling individuals to devote more time to their passions. Each OnePlus AI feature is crafted to address genuine user needs, and our commitment remains steadfast in creating further groundbreaking AI-driven functionalities. Our vision is to create a future where convenience is paramount for everyone,” added Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Product at OnePlus.

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