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Planning To Buy A Car? Here’s How You Can Apply Car Insurance Online; Check The Documents Needed

Car insurance serves as a safeguard against financial setbacks stemming from accidents, theft, and weather-related incidents, similar to various other insurance types. A car insurance policy is an agreement between the car owner and an insurance provider. In this agreement, the car owner must pay the company premiums, and in exchange, the company commits to covering expenses related to vehicle repairs and other property damages. The specific coverage details are outlined within the insurance policy contract.

In the event of accidents, car insurance plays a crucial role in safeguarding your financial stability by covering the associated expenses. The extent of coverage you receive depends on the kind of policy you select for yourself. In simple words, if your car gets damaged in an accident, without car insurance, you would need to bear the repair costs out of your pocket. However, if you have an insurance plan, your policy will cover the expenses related to repair.

In cases where your car causes damage to another vehicle belonging to a third person, you are obligated to compensate them for the resulting damage. If injuries occur or fatalities ensue, you will also be liable for the legal costs associated with these liabilities. However, if you have car insurance in place, the policy will cover the expenses related to third-party damages and any ensuing liabilities stemming from the accident.

Here is how you can buy car insurance online:

Go to the selected insurer’s website.

Fill in your contact details and provide information about your car.

Choose the type of insurance you want – either third-party or comprehensive.

If you select comprehensive insurance, personalise your policy by adding any desired riders.

Complete the payment process online.

Here’s a list of the necessary documents required to acquire a car insurance policy:

Proof of identity: You can choose one from the following options: Passport, Driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, etc.

Proof of address: You can choose one from the following options: Passport, Driving license, Bank or post office passbook, etc.

Recent passport size photographs.

Driving license.

Vehicle registration certificate.

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