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Salwan Momika, Who Burnt Quran Several Times, Found Dead In Norway: Report

An Iraqi man identified as Salwan Momika, aged 37, who had been involved in multiple Quran burnings in Sweden, was reportedly discovered dead in Norway. Momika had orchestrated several burnings and acts of desecration involving the sacred text of Islam in Sweden over recent years. Last week, he disclosed to a newspaper that he had been pursuing asylum in Norway, his neighboring country. 

“The lifeless body of Iraqi refugee and Islamic critic Salwan Sabah Matti Momika has been found in Norway. Momika was known for organizing demonstrations in Sweden where he publicly burned the Koran several times,” Radio Genoa posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

However, later, the same platform claimed that those who initially announced his death have since deleted the post. “Those who announced Momika’s death with over 1 million impressions deleted the tweet. We are waiting for further confirmation,” it added in another post. 

Videos of Momika’s provocative Quran burnings garnered worldwide attention and sparked anger and criticism in several Muslim nations, leading to riots and unrest in many places. He was currently under investigation by Swedish authorities for incitement against ethnic groups in Sweden.

During the celebration of Bakri Eid in 2023, a disturbing protest unfolded outside the Stockholm mosque in Sweden. Salwan Momika ignited certain pages of The Holy Quran in an act of profound disrespect. Adding insult to injury, he further desecrated the holy book by placing a strip of bacon upon it and proceeding to trample upon it with his foot. 

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