Home TECHNOLOGY Top Tech News Today: Kaspersky Reveals Shopping Cyber Threats Ahead Of Black Friday, ChatGPT’s

Top Tech News Today: Kaspersky Reveals Shopping Cyber Threats Ahead Of Black Friday, ChatGPT’s

Top Tech News Today: Kaspersky Reveals Shopping Cyber Threats Ahead Of Black Friday, ChatGPT’s


Kaspersky Reveals Shopping Cyber Threats Ahead Of Black Friday

With Black Friday around the corner, cyber security firm Kaspersky has released a new report revealing the latest shopping-related cyber threats. The findings expose more than 13 million e-shop-related phishing attacks in 2023, with scammers mimicking popular marketplaces, luxury brands, and gadget stores. According to Kaspersky experts, scams and phishing are favoured tactics for fraudsters seeking profit. In the first ten months of 2023, Kaspersky identified 30,803,840 phishing attacks targeting online shopping, payment systems, and banking institutions, with e-commerce platforms used as a lure in 43.5 per cent of total attacks (13,390,142 attacks).

ChatGPT’s Voice Chat Now Available¬† For Free Users

In September, ChatGPT creator OpenAI introduced voice chats with ChatGPT on Android and iOS, allowing users to engage in real back-and-forth conversations with the chatbot. Initially exclusive to Plus and Enterprise subscribers, OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman has now revealed that voice conversations on ChatGPT are gradually becoming accessible to all free users on mobile.

Red Magic 9 Pro Heading For Global Debut Post China Launch

The Red Magic 9 Pro series is poised for a global launch, with a confirmed release date of November 23 in China. Serving as successors to the 8 Pro lineup introduced in January, the upcoming handsets are expected to bring substantial upgrades. The Red Magic 9 Pro series features advancements over the previous models, including a design preview and teaser of key specifications provided by the company ahead of the Thursday launch in China.

Sunbird Announces Temporary Suspension Of iMessage App For Android

Sunbird, the partner of Nothing Chats, has notified users of the temporary suspension of its messaging platform due to reported security issues. Recently highlighted as the partner for handset maker Nothing’s iMessage chat app for Android, the service allows users to access chats from various platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and iMessage, within a single app. Users have received a message assuring additional information from the company in the future.

Musk’s X To Pursue Lawsuit Against Media Matters

Elon Musk has announced on Saturday that X intends to pursue a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters and those involved in what he deems a fraudulent attack on his company. This follows major advertisers like Apple, Disney, Warner Bros, IBM, and others reportedly pausing advertising on the platform due to allegations of promoting antisemitism. According to Media Matters’ report, Musk’s social media platform has been placing ads for prominent brands alongside content supporting Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, as Musk is accused of embracing white nationalist and antisemitic conspiracy theories.


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