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Top Tech News Today: Tesla To Look For Site In India For $3 Bn EV Factory, Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro Battery Tipped, More

Tesla To Look For Site In India For $3 Billion EV Factory

Following the approval of a new electric vehicle (EV) policy by the Narendra Modi-led government to attract investments from global manufacturers in the EV sector, Tesla is purportedly dispatching a team this month to scout locations in India for a $2-3 billion plant. As reported by The Financial Times (FT), citing insider sources, the Elon Musk-led company “plans to dispatch a team from the US by late April to assess potential sites for the plant.” The team is expected to concentrate on states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu, which boast established EV infrastructure and convenient access to ports, facilitating the company’s ability to “export cars.” Tesla has not yet issued a comment on the report.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro Battery Tipped

South Korean regulators have certified the EB-BL705ABY battery, boasting a rated capacity of 578mAh, indicating its likely utilisation in an upcoming smartwatch, likely the Galaxy Watch 7 pro, the media has reported. To provide context, this capacity slightly surpasses that of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which holds a rated capacity of 573mAh and a typical capacity of 590mAh. Notably, this battery size significantly exceeds that of the second largest battery found in recent Galaxy Watches, such as the Watch 6 Classic, which features a capacity of 425mAh, resulting in nearly a 40 per cent difference.

Taiwan Earthquake Forces TSMC To Pause Operations

The earthquake in Taiwan, the most powerful in 25 years, has resulted in fatalities and hundreds of injuries, causing structural damage to buildings and disrupting rail services. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.4 as per the US Geological Survey, struck off the island’s east coast on Wednesday, prompting the evacuation of semiconductor manufacturing plants, the media has reported. This incident underscores the vulnerability of the global chip supply chain to seismic risks, says a report by Financial Times (FT).

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VLOGGER Is Google’s Image-To-Video AI Tool

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being the hottest buzzword in tech, search engine giant Google’s researchers have been busy, unveiling a string of innovative models and concepts. Their latest creation involves transforming a static image into a manipulable avatar, following their recent advancements in game-playing AI. Even as Google VLOGGER is not yet accessible for testing, as per mutiple reports, the demonstration hints at its potential to enable users to create and command avatars using voice commands.

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Yahoo Buys AI News Platform Artifact

On Tuesday, Yahoo announced its acquisition of Artifact, an AI-driven news platform co-founded by Instagram’s creators. Yahoo plans to integrate Artifact’s technology throughout its news and other websites in the United States, the media has reported. This acquisition underscores ongoing challenges for media startups striving to increase revenue, particularly as Big Tech behemoths like Alphabet and Meta Platforms dominate the advertising market, says a report by news agency Reuters.

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