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Want To Check CIBIL Score Online? Here’s A Detailed Guideline

We have frequently encountered the term CIBIL Score while considering a loan or exploring the eligibility requirements of various lending institutions.

CIBIL Score refers to the credit bureau’s name Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited which has a 3-digit numeric summary of credit history, rating, and report ranging between 300-900. It is India’s oldest credit rating agency that works based on RBI’s license.

This score plots the report after compiling repayment, borrowing history, ongoing loans, and credit card dues along with employment history and loan enquiry information. It also gives a credit score based on credit history and credit behaviours. Suppose anyone misses EMIs, his/her credit score will be affected negatively, while if an individual pays EMIs on time, or pays the total amount due on a credit card on time then the CIBIL credit score will increase.

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What Is A Good CIBIL Score?

This score is solely based on the individual’s credit history and behaviour which ranges between 300 and 900. A CIBIL score of 750 or above is marked as a good CIBIL score. It helps the borrowers to avail of higher loan amounts with low interest rates very easily and faster.

Score Range:

300 – 549: This range of CIBIL scores is regarded as poor CIBIL scores. It indicates that you have not made your loan EMI or credit card payments on time. It will be challenging for you to obtain a loan or credit card if your CIBIL score is in this range.

550 – 649: In this range, CIBIL scores are regarded as fair. Only a small number of lenders would, however, think about giving you credit. It’s also possible that the loan’s interest rate will increase.

650 – 749: If your credit score falls within this range, you’re headed in the right direction, as lenders are likely to approve loan applications with the most favorable interest rates.

750 – 900: This range is marked as an excellent CIBIL score. It depicts regular credit payments and has an impressive payment history. Because you have the lowest chance of defaulting, banks will offer you credit cards and loans as well.

How To Check CIBIL Score Online?

1. Visit the official website: https://www.cibil.com/

2. Click on the ‘Get Free CIBIL Score & Report’

3. Fill in the required details that have been asked on the page

4. Now, Click on ‘Accept and continue’

5. Once you click, On the next page you will be asked to fill in OTP, then select ‘Continue’

6. Now, Click on ‘Go to dashboard’ 

7. Finally you will be redirected to see your CIBIL score

Therefore, along with having a better understanding of your CIBIL Score and report, it’s important to prioritise maintaining financial well-being. This ensures that one can access funds when necessary and achieve personal and professional aspirations smoothly.

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