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We Asked ChatGPT & Gemini To Suggest April Fools’ Day Pranks. Here Are The Results

Why should humans have all the fun? This April Fools’ Day, we asked OpenAI’s polarising AI tool, ChatGPT, and Google’s much-hyped rival, Gemini, to suggest five prank ideas to pull on friends. We decided to pit them against each other in a classic fool-off. Read on to find our verdict.

Here Are April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas From ChatGPT:

Autocorrect Shenanigans: If you can get access to your friend’s phone, change some common words in their autocorrect settings to something silly or unexpected. For example, change “yes” to “nay,” “no” to “absolutely!” or their name to “Captain Sparkle Pants.” They’ll be in for a surprise the next time they send a text.

The Classic Balloon Room: Fill your friend’s room, car, or another personal space with balloons. It’s a visually stunning prank and completely harmless. For an added twist, put small pieces of paper with funny messages or jokes inside a few of the balloons.

Mouse or Remote Control Trick: Place a small piece of tape over the sensor on the bottom of the computer mouse or over the front sensor of a TV remote. It won’t cause any damage, but it will temporarily prevent the device from working. Watch as they try to figure out why their device is “malfunctioning.”

Caramel Onions: This one’s a classic but requires a bit more effort. Make caramel apples as you normally would, but use onions instead of apples. Offer your beautifully disguised “treats” to your friends and watch their reactions when they take a bite. Just be ready with some real sweets to make up for it!

The Fake Bug Scare: Purchase some realistic-looking fake bugs and strategically place them where your friends will find them. Think inside a lampshade, in a drawer, or even in the fridge. The momentary scare will lead to some good laughs once the initial shock wears off.

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Here Are April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas From Gemini:

The Disappearing Breakfast: This prank is all about setting up the illusion. Get clear plastic wrap and carefully cover your friend’s cereal bowl (or another transparent container) before they wake up. They’ll reach for a milk-drenched breakfast, only to find an empty bowl! Reveal the prank quickly after for a good laugh.

Sticky Surprise: For this prank, target a friend who uses a computer mouse a lot. While they’re away, take a small piece of clear tape and put it sticky-side down on the bottom of their mouse. When they return and try to use it, they’ll be confused by the sluggish movement.

Texting Typo: This prank works best through text messages. Send your friend a message with a bunch of seemingly nonsensical typos. Act all flustered and keep apologising for the mistakes, like you can’t seem to type properly. Eventually, reveal it’s an April Fool’s prank!

The Upsidedown Room (Lite Version): This prank is a fun twist on a classic. While your friend isn’t home, flip a few light pictures or small framed items upside down on the walls. It will subtly mess with their sense of normalcy and give them a little chuckle when they notice.

Rainbow Cereal: This prank is colourful and harmless. If your friend is having breakfast at your place, take their cereal (like cornflakes) and put a few drops of food colouring on a paper towel. Dab the colours lightly onto the cereal to create a rainbow effect. They’ll be surprised to pour a seemingly magical breakfast!

Verdict: ChatGPT’s The Clear Winner!

While both the AI tools tried their best to come up with fun pranks, we found that ChatGPT’s pranks were clearly funnier. Gemini’s Texting Typo prank is simply not funny, while ChatGPT’s Autocorrect Shenanigans, although slightly similar, has all the potential to break up lifelong friendships (we certainly wish not).

So, for us, ChatGPT is the victor this time around. Not surprising, really, as it is ChatGPT whose advent has truly put forward the question of ‘AI taking over human roles’ under the spotlight like never before. Google was late to the game and it seems it still needs to fine-tune its AI’s training to make it more capable. 

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